Our Working Process

A process is series of actions or steps taken to achieve an end. At Progenius Asia we carry every single project with process. We know the importance and benefit of process that can contribute to a success project. We know that it is always better to be consistently good than occasionally great.

Process requires occasionally refinement as soon as we have identified a problem on the process. This is why we always refine our process from time to time to eliminate the problem of the process and to ensure it brings the maximum benefits to our work.

Requirement / Analysis

The process begin with this very first phase to gather and identify the requirement from the user. These requirements will then be analyzed by our analysts team for the validity and possibility of incorporating the requirements.


Over this phase, our expert team will helps in specifying the system requirement and the overall system architecture to serve as a system input for the next phase of model.

Development / Testing

This is the phase where our development is actually kick-started. With all the guidelines that prepared in the earlier phases it will ensure our development team develops exactly what was agreed and meeting the expectation. A comprehensive standard of testing will be carried out to ensure the system that we have developed are 99.99% bugs free.

Launch / Evaluation

After going through all the above phases, it is time for the project to be launched to our customer for their use. At the end of the process, we evaluate how well the goals of the project have been met and how the system can be further improved to ensure the system is always up-to-date and meeting the market demand.

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